1. Why alpha?
Alpha is the letter that is located in the first place of the Greek alphabet. Because it is the initial letter, Alpha is often used to indicate the beginning of something.

In our case, Alpha is related to the first segment of the year and covers two important events that occur in this period of time.

2. What does the Alpha pack contain?
The Alpha edition includes two surprise patterns: The first on the occasion of Valentine's Day and the second on the occasion of the Easter. Each pattern released is exclusive to Shamballa Club members for a period of three months. which means that whoever wishes to purchase any of these patterns separately will only be able to do so after that period of exclusivity has been completed.
Alpha Pack - Shamballa Club

Victoria Bag

It has already been released

Valentine's Day Pattern

February 20, 2021

Gabriella Alpha Pack - Shamballa Club

Gabriella Bag

It has already been released


April 26, 2021

3. How is the process of purchase?
  1. Here! You will find the ALPHA PACK product in 4 languages (English, French, German and Czech). Be careful when choosing your language.
  2. Once you have selected ALPHA PACK (in your respective language) you proceed to finalize the purchase, as you always do.

    Note: You can review our pricing policy for Shamballa Club packs.
  3. Now you just have to be patient and wait until the above mentioned release dates.

    Note: You can follow the countdown on our website home, as well as keep an eye on our Fanpage on Facebook.
  4. When the release day for each pattern arrives, the pattern will be sent to your email.