Welcome to Shamballa Bags! Here you will find patterns for bags available in various languages. All patterns are available as instant download PDF files. Once you have checked out, simply click on “My Account” at the top of the website and the pattern should be listed for you to download. Right-click on the pattern name to save it to your computer. You will also receive a download link in your email associated with payment.

Shamballa patterns stand out for their:

  • ACCESSIBILITY: The patterns of Shamballa Bags are available in several languages (English, French and German) to facilitate access. It also includes measurements in the metric system (Centimeters and millimeters) and in the Imperial system (Inches) so that you can choose what you feel most comfortable with.
  • EASE: Include color photos that describe the construction of the bag step by step. Although the patterns are labeled for intermediate level, they are not complex and do not require more knowledge. Even a beginner could get great results.
  • SIMPLICITY: The textual explanations are very brief and punctual. You will not receive a lengthy and tedious manual. Only the information necessary for you to make your bag successfully.
  • QUALITY: Before they come to light, they are reviewed and perfected by a team of pretty talented testers. (A group of 25 members, made up of English and French girls, a second support group made up of 20 English and French girls and a third group made up of 25 German girls).
  • FEASIBILITY: You do not require industrial or special machines to make the bags. All of them are feasible to be done on a domestic sewing machine. Nor will you require many materials or unusual hardware to make your bags.
  • EXCLUSIVENESS: Innovative designs and in line with fashion trends. Not your everyday kind of handbag patterns. Our clients find them trendy, versatile and sophisticated. They can be easily modified to suit a specific need and at any time of the year. The bags you make through these patterns can be sold freely and you can even add your own label without the need to buy special licenses.


Hi. I'm Sammy Valencia! Designer from Shamballa Bags. I live in Colombia, in a beautiful city called Medellín, the city of flowers and eternal spring. My official language is Spanish. I don't speak English, French or German, but I try hard every day. Lover of reading, dogs, wine and traveling. Passionate, feminine, delicate and romantic. I love making bags, but so much, so much, that you could not imagine everything that happens in my body and in my soul, when I'm in my sewing room. (Sometimes it seems stress and other times it seems happiness). Fortunately, I have never stopped dreaming or acting. I love having my hands busy and my mind awake. I am convinced that there is a masterful formula for a long and happy life: Just do what you love.

I still have a lot to learn, I do it day by day. For now I am sharing what I know and it could be useful. I am close to help you if you run into any problems. Just fill out the contact form or write me on Facebook. I will reply to you as fast as I can!

My motto: "A Design must be pleasant, cheerful and beautiful. There are already a lot of boring things in life." – Auguste Renoir.


Shamballa Bags is made up of an amazing team that I take pride in every day: My beautiful and dear Photographer, My Super talented Graphic Designer, My Excellent French Translator, My gentle German Translator and Three wonderful teams of Pattern Testers. Each of them made their part in an exceptional way and with a lot of love! Without them Shamballa would not be possible.