Reduziert! ZODIAC MEMBERSHIP - (2024|1) - (ENGLISH LANGUAGE) Vergrößern

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$ USD 32.00

- USD 3.00

USD 35.00

Release Dates:

Capricorn: Federica Pattern - See details

Pisces: Filomena Pattern - See details

Taurus: (Filipa Pattern): May 10.

Why is it a Membership and not a Pack?

Because this time it's something more dynamic and amazing! Not only will you be purchasing three patterns but also some great additional benefits! Let's see:
- One of the benefits that we love the most is that we will have a private group on Facebook (Only for our members and where you can enjoy much more personalized support). What's more fun than sewing in the company of other people, even virtually? And from here comes the second most important benefit:

- We will sew each of the zodiac patterns together. This is wonderful, right? We will give you a materials list and an illustrated sketch of the pattern 5 days in advance of the official release. We will also create a schedule for our sewing days.

And that's not all, being a Zodiac member:

- You will be able to enjoy special discounts in our store.
- You will have the opportunity to win coupons and memberships through our sporadic giveaways.
- You can print a special membership card that you will receive a few days after your purchase and that will be used to participate in other activities.
- As with the Packs, you can enjoy three months of exclusivity for each pattern released. After this period, the pattern will be available in the store separately.

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